Sport North Leadership Symposium

The Mackenzie Recreation Association and Sport North have partnered up to offer a travel subsidies for those traveling to Yellowknife, from within the Northwest Territories, for the 2017 Sport North Leadership Symposium.

The Travel Subsidy is an initiative supporting individuals who are attending the 2017 Leadership Syposium. Eligible individuals can receive funding for out-of-pocket travel expenses (flights or vehicle travel) directly related to the 2017 Leadership Symposium.

Distribution of the funds will occur primarily through a reimbursement process. Receipts will be required for all expenses. When submitting the receipts include a detailed summary of all expenses for reimbursement.

Flight or vehicle travel will be paid through the travel budget on a first-come first-served basis until the maximum budget has been reached. After your symposium registration has been completed please contact Jessica VanOverbeek directly to apply for your travel subsidy.

For more information contact:

Jessica VanOverbeek


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