The Somba K’e Padding Club would like to acknowledge and thank the following organizations and businesses for their partnership with SKPC and continued financial and in-kind support. Their support is critical to helping us achieve our mission as it enables SKPC to deliver programming and training, offer paddling events, and to purchase and maintain our paddling equipment.

If you are an individual, organization or business and are interested in supporting SKPC in any way, we would love to hear from you! Visit the contact page for details on how to get in touch.



SKPC is very grateful for our recent partnership with NRS. NRS helps to support SKPC with aid in purchasing top-notch paddling gear and equipment for members’ use at club events. Keep your eye out for sleek NRS racing bibs at the next Latham Island Paddle Race!

NRS was founded on the idea that a positive approach to business could enhance the lives of its community of stakeholders while outperforming the cynical and exploitative practices of many conventional companies.



Through the Get Active Grant Program and the Reel Paddling Film Festival, the NWT Recreation and Parks Association (NWTRPA) has provided SKPC with financial support to help run a number of paddling events and winter kayaking sessions open to the public. The funds are typically used to cover the high pool rental costs that come with offering active paddling opportunities during the winter months. Thanks NWTRPA!



The SKPC supports youth in the Northwest Territories by donating gear and volunteering instructors for winter and summer paddling clinics administered by the Canadian Parents for French. SKPC sees a clear need to support and create a barrier free environment for youth to access develop skills for paddling sports and recreation activities. These activities are known to foster physical, mental, emotional and cultural wellness, but are not always as well served within traditional school or community recreation programming due to a number of unique barriers – higher costs for equipment, lack of trained leaders, more intensive planning requirements, and greater group coordination efforts. Consequently, paddling activities and the many physical and mental benefits associated with them are largely limited to a small niche group of youth in the community that are able to overcome these barriers independently. As such, the SKPC feels that with some support, we can help to fill this need by providing all youth with opportunities to access and develop skills in paddling sports and recreation.



SKPC is a member of the NWT Kayak Association which stands as a component of Sport North.


World-class big water paddling, 24-hour daylight, warm water and good friends – what’s not to love! SKPC provides financial support to members attending the Slave River Paddlefest organized by the Fort Smith Paddling Club. The Slave River Paddlefest is the premiere paddling event in the Northwest territories and the The Slave River one of the most amazing rivers in the world. Check it out for yourself!